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About Sciensus

Sciensus is specialised in the development and implementation of evidenced patient support programmes and real world evidence solutions for the life science industry. As part of Healthcare at Home, our heritage lies in developing nurse-led support programmes and home care pathways to deliver improved real world outcomes on treatment for patients affected by complex conditions such as rare diseases, autoimmune conditions and cancer. Our programmes incorporate cutting-edge health informatics capabilities, generating real world evidence to support health outcomes research, patient registries, and adherence and persistence studies. We also provide informatics consultancy.

Healthcare at Home

Our vision is to enhance the way in which care is provided for patients both in the home and in the community. We are one of the UK's largest home healthcare providers, transforming healthcare with pharmaceutical and clinical services that put patients and their families first, whilst improving treatment outcomes and reducing treatment costs. With sponsorship from Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Sciensus has developed an innovative Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme in order to help clinicians in the collection of “real world” patient data.

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Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme Downloads

Audit Protocol

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Clinician Leaflet

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Patient Leaflet

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Impact of PNE

A minority of mothers show an attitude described as "maternal intolerance" by Butler 19861. These mothers are convinced that their child is wetting on purpose. They believe the child is able to control the bedwetting, they get angry with their child, do not invest energy in treatment and withdraw and even punish their child.