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Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme

With sponsorship from Ferring Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Sciensus has developed an innovative Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme in order to help clinicians in the collection of “real world” patient data. The Clinical Support Programme is provided free of charge to the NHS as a service to medicine, and will run for a period of 3 years from the 1st October 2014 when the programme went live.

The Clinical Support Programme incorporates the following tools:

Mobile Bladder Diary App: Keep track of patient fluid intake and voiding routine

Mobile Fluid Diary App: Patients will receive notifications to inform them to complete specific tasks

Flying Doc game: To engage children in the management of their nocturnal enuresis

Mobile Quality of Life (QoL) Survey via App: Collation of the impact of the patient’s condition on their social and emotional well-being will be collected

A Clinicians Web Portal: Web-based user interface for clinicians to participate in the clinical audit and receive aggregated reports about their own clinic

Clinical Audit Nurse Support: A registered general nurse who will implement and facilitate the service for clinicians within services

Care Bureau Support Helpline: is a telephone service for patients who are enlisted in the programme for technical or general support for the apps

How do patients benefit?

Once registered, they will be able to enter fluid intake and voiding information, with reminders to complete diary entries and a simple questionnaire around their feelings at key time points. This data is then synchronised to the Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme (BCSP), where it can be viewed by clinicians in real time or at the patient clinic visits.

Please find a downloadable PDF for the Patient Information Leaflet below.

How do clinicians benefit?

This programme aims to provide “real world” data for this patient cohort in order to

  • Ascertain clinical audit data to support clinical governance requirements
  • Raise awareness of this disease area
  • Support current capacity and resource issues
  • Inform budget allocations accurately
  • Benefit the payer in supporting the treatment pathway and proving accurate patient outcomes

How will the local service benefit?

Following engagement with clinicians within this field it is clear that there are many issues related to the care of children with bladder problems, and that clinical audit and patient management tools will support the clinicians to better understand the needs of these patients. Data collected by the programme will be aggregated to provide information about various treatment uses in the real world which can be evaluated to identify areas of improvement and also be used to support the continued need of these services and resources.

The service is designed to improve the quality and completeness of data while promoting optimal efficiency by linking the patient data to the clinical portal for viewing by the clinician at patient visits. The programme provides the clinician with readily accessible individual patient reporting and whole caseload reporting.

The service is available to:

  • Clinicians within NHS Trust centres and satellite clinics with internet access
  • Patients with access to smartphone, tablet devices or PC/laptop with internet access

After our promotion launch at the ERIC/PromoCon meeting in Birmingham the tool has received high demand with an excess of 25 service signing up for follow-up meetings with our service delivery manger.

Further details about the service may be requested via your local Ferring Pharmaceuticals representative.

About Sciensus

Sciensus is specialised in the development and implementation of evidenced patient support programmes and real world evidence solutions for the life science industry.

As part of Healthcare at Home, our heritage lies in developing nurse-led support programmes and home care pathways to deliver improved real world outcomes on treatment for patients affected by complex conditions such as Rare Disease, Autoimmune conditions and Cancer.

Our programmes incorporate cutting-edge Health Informatics capabilities, generating real world evidence to support health outcomes research, patient registries, and A&P studies. We also provide informatics consultancy.

Healthcare at Home

Our vision is to enhance the way in which care is provided for patients both in the home and in the community.

We are one of the UK's largest home healthcare providers, transforming healthcare with pharmaceutical and clinical services that put patients and their families first, whilst improving treatment outcomes and reducing treatment costs.

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Sciensus is a trading name of Healthcare at Home Ltd.

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Impact of PNE

A minority of mothers show an attitude described as "maternal intolerance" by Butler 19861. These mothers are convinced that their child is wetting on purpose. They believe the child is able to control the bedwetting, they get angry with their child, do not invest energy in treatment and withdraw and even punish their child.


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