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2015 ERIC/PromoCon Conference

The first joint Eric/PromoCon conference took place on Wednesday 5th November, 2015, in Birmingham. The conference was well attended with over 300 HCPs ranging from paediatric consultants, continence advisors and school nurses all with an interest in continence.

As platinum sponsors at the meeting, Ferring had a very prominent location and exhibition stand (please see image) which was inundated throughout the day. The main reasons for this excitement and buzz around the stand were the launch of the Bedwetting Clinical Algorithm and Top Tips as well as the Bedwetting Clinical Audit Programme.

The Algorithm and Top Tips is a newly composed resource for healthcare professionals that simplifies NICE guidance and is in line with the recently published quality standards. It aims to improve treatment outcomes for children with nocturnal enuresis while promoting and emphasising the need for early intervention and assessment. Ferring plan to send this resource to over 33,000 GP’s and 11,500 nurses nationally in the New Year.

To see this document or to download your own NICE algorithm, please visit our downloadable Tools page.

The launch of the Ferring/Sciensus Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme was hugely popular feature at the meeting. The demand for the tool was highly promising, with over 25 services signing up for follow-up meetings with our service delivery manger.

For more information about the Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme, please visit our Bedwetting Clinical Support Programme page.

During the day Ferring were thanked by numerous HCPs at patient organisations for our continued presence, investment and innovation within the continence field when so many others had divested resource.