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Desmomelt and DesmoTabs

Melt away the misery of bedwetting


In this section of the site you will find details about prescribing DesmoMelt and DesmoTabs with some medication-specific frequently asked questions and answers.

Early intervention of bedwetting and effective management in primary care settings alleviates the suffering of the individual and is likely to have a positive impact on future costs to services. It is acknowledged that late intervention is more difficult to resolve successfully. NICE (2010) suggests that treatment should be made available dependant upon a child's need rather than based on age alone1.

DesmoMelt or Desmotabs?

DesmoMelt is for the treatment of night-time bedwetting in adults and children aged 5 and over2.

DesmoMelt is well accepted by children of various ages and facilitates early initiation of treatment in children with night-time bedwetting3. It is also associated with higher compliance versus tablets and does not require intake of fluids as it dissolves sublingually3. Read more...

  • High compliance of 94.5%3

The water required to swallow a
solid tablet at bedtime may make the difference between a dry and wet night4.

  • Swallowing 60mL of fluid with a tablet is equivalent to about a quarter of the expected bladder capacity of a 7 year old4.

There is a statistically significant preference for DesmoMelt compared with tablets in children aged 5-11 years3.

DesmoMelt provides superior and longer duration of action 4-8 hours after dosing compared to tablets4.

Dosing: DesmoMelt offers Simple and Convenient Dosing

3 months followed by a 1 week drug-free holiday to assess results. Treatment cycles can be repeated as long as symptoms persist.

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