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What may cause night-time bedwetting?

Night-time bedwetting may be caused by the interplay of several factors:

  • Nocturnal polyuria is the main contributory factor in a substantial proportion of patients1,2
  • A reduced nocturnal functional bladder capacity1
  • An impaired arousal from sleep in response to a full bladder1,2
  • In most patients it results from a lack of the anti-diuretic hormone arginine vasopressin which plays a key role in regulating urinary productions and osmolality2

The good news is that for most children something can be done to help identify, manage and resolve these possible causes.

Why treat?

Apart from the discomfort and distress of waking up to a wet bed, a recent review of the impact of bedwetting included one study which showed 70.3% of children aged 5-11 years could clearly indicate that wetting is a disadvantage.3



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