Stop Bedwetting

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Treatment options

It is important that children suffering with bedwetting are diagnosed early and are offered an appropriate treatment intervention. Self-esteem is improved by treatment in young children so early intervention is justified.

Encourage your child to be actively engaged in decisions about treatments. Effective treatment benefits both the child and their family.




Antidiuretic Medication

This is a type of medication that helps decrease urine production at night by mimicking a hormone called vasopressin, which is naturally produced in the body. This ensures less urine is produced during the night, therefore reducing the risk of bedwetting.

Bladder relaxant medication

This type of medication works on the bladder muscle to help it relax, thereby increasing bladder capacity and also reducing feelings of 'urgency'. The most common one used in children can be given to children with bedwetting from age 5 years.

Did you know?

advises that the consumption of caffeine-based drinks should be avoided in children and young people with bedwetting.

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If you have specific concerns or questions after reading the information above, we recommend that you visit your GP, school nurse or pharmacist to discuss them.